The Role of a Pediatric Dentist

Taking your children to the family dentist early (and on a schedule) can help establish a positive association with dental care, particularly if you take them to a pediatric dentist. As our understanding of the development of dental problems has evolved, so has the way we treat children’s teeth and gums. Up to 40 million Americans avoid the dentist because... read more »

The Benefits of Invisible Braces over Traditional Metal Braces

There are many adults who want perfect, straight teeth, but are put off by traditional metal braces after adolescence. They may not want to be perceived as “juvenile” for having metal braces, and may be embarrassed to wear them. Metal braces are also very uncomfortable to wear, due to the metal poking the gums or discomfort while eating. As a... read more »

4 Flossing Tips for Bright and Healthy Smiles

When people get dental care, it’s common for the hygienist to recommend stepping up their flossing game. If you think you could use some improvement in the flossing department, don't be hard on yourself. Too often, flossing is treated like an afterthought. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), using an interdental cleaner such as floss is an essential part... read more »

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

The time-honored tradition of the tooth fairy leaving money under a child’s pillow is a fun way to celebrate the milestone of losing a tooth. The tooth fairy, of course, is aware that kids have 20 baby teeth and that paying a cash reward for each one can really add up over time. Your family dentist understands how a tooth... read more »

How an Emergency Dentist Can Help You

If an unexpected dental problem occurs, emergency dental care can save you time, hassle, and a great deal of pain and suffering. How do you know what constitutes an emergency? Here are clear warning signs that you may need to make an appointment with an emergency dental clinic in San Antonio, TX, as soon as possible. Cracks, Chips and Breaks... read more »

3 Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

Are you trying to decide whether you should get an electric toothbrush? Electronic toothbrushes beat out manual ones for several reasons, and here are three great ones that dentists use to recommend them to every member of the family. Simple for Kids and Adults Electric toothbrushes are ideal for children who are just learning to brush their teeth because they... read more »

Finding the Right Family Dentist for Your Child

Making sure your kids’ pearly whites are well taken care of is one of the most important things you can do for them — but it can also be one of the most confusing. Braces, retainers, cavity fillings, wisdom teeth removal, and regular check-ups are just a few of the dental procedures most children need. Nobody can blame a parent... read more »

Why Dentists Recommend Routine Checkups

Dentists typically recommend that patients should visit their dentist for a routine cleaning and dental exam at least once or twice a year. Going to your dentist for a routine checkup will allow you to maintain a bright smile. Routine exams by a family dentist will help you to retain your oral health by removing plaque or tartar and checking... read more »

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is a situation that must be immediately attended to by a dental professional. Dental emergencies typically happen because of an accident, injury, or poor oral health. A quality emergency dentist will be able to address all the following dental emergencies: A loose, broken, chipped, or knocked-out tooth Severe, lasting tooth pain Damage to the gums, tongue, lips,... read more »

A Family Dentist Reveals the 3 Most Harmful Types of Halloween Candy

It’s no secret that Halloween candy — or candy any time of the year — can wreak havoc on a child's teeth. However, many people don’t realize that some types of candy are worse for your teeth than others. Below, a family dentist identifies three particularly damaging types of candy that you may want to steer your children away from... read more »