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You know your teeth need a certain dental treatment. The thing is, you are super nervous. We at Smiley Dental and Orthodontics in Dallas Texas and surrounding areas totally get that. We want to do all things possible to make your time with us painless, comfortable and secure.

We have some pretty remarkable resources at our fingertips. For example, anesthesia is an amazing thing. This is characteristically used for less intensive treatments – like fillings, crowns and periodontal care.

More intensive treatments, like wisdom tooth extractions or root canals, will likely necessitate sedation. Also, many patients who experience significant dental anxiety request sedation. We have access to three forms of sedatives in our office. The first is an oral medication, which is taken before your appointment begins. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) – a nitrogen gas mixed with oxygen. Lastly, IV sedation, administered intravenously, is designed to help your dentist to keep your sedation levels and an optimum level. Your level of consciousness depends upon the dose that we give you. You can trust our educated, expert team to carefully utilize these powerful resources to give you the best possible experience.

When you call to make your appointment, please tell us about your personal concerns and desires. We’ll make the necessary preparations for your visit. We’ll also tell you about any other key details fitting to your personal needs. Call us at 866.949.1639.