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At Smiley Dental and Orthodontics, we provide the highest quality care at affordable prices.  We give you the gentle, excellent care you deserve, so you can come to your appointment with confidence.  With our professional treatments and affordable care, it’s never been easier to get the smile you’ve always wanted!

A smile says a lot.  What does yours say about you?  Does it give you confidence and tell the world about the care and pride you put into it?  Or, does it leave you self-conscious and unsure?


If your teeth aren’t what you want them to be, Smiley Dental and Orthodontics is here to help. Whether you need braces, whitening, veneers, or more extensive treatment, our gentle and professional dentists will give you the care you deserve. We specialize in all areas of general dentistry and orthodontics, including surgery and implants. 


Going to the dentist isn’t fun.  But putting it off just means that you have to live with pain and embarrassment longer.  And most of the time when you wait, things only get worse.  The sooner you come in, the easier the treatment will be. And with our affordable rates and gentle dentistry, getting the smile you want has never been easier. 


So don’t wait.  Call or make an appointment online today and see why all of our patients are smiling!

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We specialize in giving you all the care you need, including oral surgery and implants.

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There are Many Ways to the Perfect Smile

At Smiley Dental, our goal is to help every patient have a smile they are proud to share with the world. We know that a smile says a thousand words and can brighten your mood, so don’t hide your smile.

Whether you need urgent dental care or routine checkups, out team of dentists, hygienists, and support staff are ready to lend a helping hand. For the best possible dental care in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, and San Antonio, check out your neighborhood dental care clinic. Thanks to our affordable pricing and great patient care experience, we’re the first choice for braces and all types of dental care in the metro area.

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We understand that straight teeth are an important part of a healthy, attractive smile. We are pleased to provide comprehensive orthodontics services at our offices.

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Dental Care

We are happy to offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality dental services to meet your needs for a smile that is both healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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Oral Surgery

We are happy to offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality dental services to meet your needs for a smile that is both healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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