From Checkups to Invisalign Braces: When to Visit a Pediatric Dentist

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From Checkups to Invisalign Braces: When to Visit a Pediatric DentistMany new parents are not sure when they should start bringing their child to the dentist. While you can find plenty of references and guides suggesting the best time for that initial visit, there’s no single right answer. However, certain developmental milestones may signal a child’s readiness to visit a dentist. Consider these three milestones in your child’s life as potential benchmarks to schedule around.

A Tooth Coming In

Long before the years of Invisalign braces and wisdom tooth removal, your child will have one major dental milestone: the moment that his or her teeth start coming in. Many dentists recommend that parents schedule a child’s initial visit after the child begins teething. An appointment at this stage can be a simple preliminary visit, making it easier to take the fear out of what could be a scary situation. Your dentist can simply focus on making sure that proper development is occurring for your child.

First Birthday

Around the 12- to 13-month mark is another great time to schedule your child’s inaugural dental visit. Some parents may be unsure whether it’s appropriate to take a child with no visible teeth to the dentist. Others may be concerned that if their child still has a gummy grin with no teeth in sight, they may be late to develop. However, this appointment is a good time to discuss concerns with your pediatric dentist and confirm your suspicions or take preventative action.

When Your Child Is Confident and Comfortable

The most important factor you should consider when planning for your child’s first dental visit is, of course, your child. In some cases, parents might postpone that trip until a time when a child is comfortable sitting in the chair and won’t be afraid or uncooperative. This may be helpful for children who are experiencing emotional or developmental challenges. Ultimately, it is more important to use that initial visit to build a strong relationship with dentistry and to instill the value of good oral hygiene. As a parent, you are still the most qualified to decide what is best for your child.

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