First Dental Clinic Visit? Here Are 3 Steps to Prepare Your Child

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First Dental Clinic Visit? Here Are 3 Steps to Prepare Your ChildA child’s first visit to the dentist can be a spectacular milestone. But the excitement can come with trepidation as parents fret about how their child will react during their first visit to the dental clinic. A bad experience could make future visits stressful and oral hygiene something to be avoided. Here are three steps parents can take to put their child at ease while stressing the importance of good oral hygiene.

1- Start Early

The best way to make sure that your child is prepared for a visit to the dental clinic is to go before there’s a chance to stigmatize it. Experts advise going as early as the first birthday or when the child’s first tooth comes in. In this scenario, the first dentist visit can be short, sweet, and possibly even fun for your child. By ensuring the first few visits focus on small aspects of oral hygiene and tooth development, parents can de-stigmatize the experience, turning a trip to the dental clinic into a more pleasant experience.

2- Prepare for the Worst, but Don’t Bend

Of course, your child may be unequivocally opposed to going to any dental clinic regardless of age. It can be scary to have someone you’ve just met examine your mouth, and the tools can appear intimidating if you don’t know the dentist has your best interests at heart. As a parent, it’s important to establish talking points about what might happen. While you should try to make it fun and enjoyable, help your children understand that a trip to the dentist is important to their health, and therefore is non-negotiable.

3- Ensure Oral Health Is a Priority at Home

Another excellent step parents can take is to create and maintain a healthy and fun oral health regime at home. Help your child understand that brushing and flossing his or her teeth isn’t a chore but an important way to protect one’s health. At the same time, stress that regular dental clinic visits are part of the routine and a great way to validate what a good job the child is doing.

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