Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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The time-honored tradition of the tooth fairy leaving money under a child’s pillow is a fun way to celebrate the milestone of losing a tooth. The tooth fairy, of course, is aware that kids have 20 baby teeth and that paying a cash reward for each one can really add up over time. Your family dentist understands how a tooth fairy could start feeling strapped for cash.

Luckily, today’s tooth fairy is financially savvy and quite creative. Here are just a few ways a conscientious tooth fairy can keep the magic alive without going broke.


Kids love stickers! Thankfully, stickers are inexpensive and they can go a long way since they are often sold in multiple-sheet packs. The coolest tooth fairies find stickers featuring whatever the recipient likes most, whether it’s a favorite superhero or characters from a movie they love.

Foreign Coins

Getting money from a different country adds to the intrigue of the tooth fairy experience. It’s also a good way to create an educational dialogue about a foreign land. Perhaps a child in that other country lost a tooth on the same night as your child. Or maybe the coins could represent a place the tooth fairy knows the child would enjoy visiting. This is a great option for a tooth fairy who wants to make the experience special but is low on dollars, since many types of foreign currency can be purchased at a low exchange rate.

Other Treasures

When it comes to inexpensive trinkets, the possibilities are virtually endless. Consider giving out unique glass beads, costume jewelry or individual pieces that form a full set of characters as the child loses more teeth. These “treasures” are fun to receive and may be a bit more exciting than the typical handful of change.

With a little creativity, a discerning tooth fairy can bring the magic on a budget. It might even present an opportunity to work in a fun lesson about how money doesn’t just grow on trees—or show up underneath pillows.

Whatever your take on proper tooth fairy behavior, make sure your children’s mouths are healthy and clean by scheduling regular visits at a practice specializing in pediatric dentistry. If you’re looking for a friendly family dentist in San Antonio and Dallas, TX, Smiley Dental is ready to take great care of your entire family.