Advice from a Family Dentist: Choosing the Right Type of Crown

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3 Traits to Look for When Choosing a DentistUnlike a simple cleaning at your family dentist clinic, choosing the right type of dental crown can be a challenging personal decision. Often, the decision comes down to individual preference regarding cost, aesthetics, and longevity of crown materials. If you are wondering how certain materials like porcelain, gold, and ceramic differ from one another when used in crowns, read on. We’ve compiled a brief guide on the advantages and drawbacks of popular types of crowns to help people decide what’s right for their needs.

Gold Crowns

Despite what the name implies, gold crowns are a biodegradable casing and are an affordable option. In fact, gold crowns are often made with copper alloys rather than pure gold. Though they are generally not appropriate for front teeth (as the sight of a gold tooth may be viewed as unprofessional), gold crowns can be a great choice for certain back teeth that aren’t as visible when someone smiles. Outside of aesthetic factors, gold crowns are a great choice because they generally don’t bond to the tooth or wear down the tooth itself like some other more abrasive materials.

Ceramic Crowns

When selecting a crown for one of your front teeth, your family dentist may recommend ceramics, because of their similarity in texture and color to your other teeth. Ceramic crowns can be used on back teeth as well, especially for people concerned about how natural the casing may look. However, ceramics are rarely used on back teeth because of expense and an increased risk of fracturing.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are the most durable option. This durability may carry a higher initial cost for the materials and the procedure, but porcelain crowns often last longer, saving you money in the long run. Aesthetically speaking, porcelain crowns look just like ceramic crowns, concealing the fact you have a crown at all.

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