A Family Dentist Reveals the 3 Most Harmful Types of Halloween Candy

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It’s no secret that Halloween candy — or candy any time of the year — can wreak havoc on a child’s teeth. However, many people don’t realize that some types of candy are worse for your teeth than others. Below, a family dentist identifies three particularly damaging types of candy that you may want to steer your children away from this Halloween season.
Halloween candy

1. Candy Corn – Candy corn is the second-most popular Halloween candy in the United States. About 35 million pounds are produced each year, and it even has its own holiday: National Candy Corn Day on October 30. Unfortunately, this small treat is one of the most harmful types of candy you can choose. Its chewy consistency ensures that it will stick to teeth, increasing the risk of cavities. What’s more, a single serving of candy corn contains up to 28 grams of sugar and several types of artificial food coloring.

2. M&Ms – Kids and adults alike love M&Ms. Unfortunately, these beloved discs are one of the least healthy candy options on the market. They contain an astounding nine varieties of food coloring. In addition, the classic candy-coated chocolates are made with plenty of GMOs, sugar, soy, and artificial flavors.

3. Sour Patch Kids – Sugar, corn syrup and lots of artificial flavoring — when it comes to Sour Patch Kids ingredients, that’s pretty much it. To make matters worse, the sugar-covered gummies also contain a hefty dose of artificial coloring, including Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, and Blue 1.

Make Your Dentist Proud on Halloween

Thankfully, your family doesn’t need to skip Halloween altogether to avoid the harmful effects of eating too much of the wrong type of candy. Allow your children to pick a limited amount of candy from their trick-or-treat buckets, and don’t let them eat it all at once. You can donate the rest to troops serving overseas or swap your child’s remaining candy for a new toy. Once they’re done eating a piece of candy, have them rinse their mouths with water, or better yet, brush their teeth to remove sticky residue.

Want to set a good example for your own kids and neighborhood trick-or-treaters? Purchase candy that is made using at least some natural, non-GMO ingredients. Then, intersperse these healthier candies with non-edible Halloween treats such as scary stickers or pencils.

Regular dental visits can also limit the damage caused to your teeth by consuming too much Halloween candy. If you’re seeking the best family dentist in San Antonio, TX, look no further than Smiley Dental. Our office offers general, pediatric, preventive, cosmetic and specialized dental treatments for patients of all ages. We are proud to provide friendly, gentle services at a very reasonable price, making it easy for you and your children to obtain the dental work you need without pain and discomfort.