3 Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

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Are you trying to decide whether you should get an electric toothbrush? Electronic toothbrushes beat out manual ones for several reasons, and here are three great ones that dentists use to recommend them to every member of the family.

Simple for Kids and Adults

Electric toothbrushes are ideal for children who are just learning to brush their teeth because they put equal pressure on all teeth, something children may have a hard time doing. Children often enjoy using an electric toothbrush more than a regular toothbrush because they are fun and easy to work with. Additionally, they make it easy for children with braces to brush their teeth without hassle or discomfort.

At the same time, electronic toothbrushes are also great for adults. They reach spots in your mouth that you would have a hard time getting to with a regular toothbrush and help ensure each side of your mouth receives the same amount of brushing.

Promote Healthy Gums

Gum disease can cause inflammation, loose teeth, bone loss and a host of other dental problems. You can prevent these health issues by brushing teeth regularly with an electronic toothbrush.

Electronic toothbrushes have bristles that are stiff enough to provide a thorough cleaning, yet gentle enough to keep your gums from becoming irritated and sore. Studies show that using an electronic brush may reduce your chances of getting gingivitis.

Banish Stains and Bad Breath

Bad breath and tooth stains can affect your self-esteem, leaving you feeling awkward and embarrassed to smile. In some cases, these problems can only be addressed by a dentist; however, regular brushing with an electronic toothbrush may help you get rid of stains and/or bad breath at home. How? Electronic toothbrushes are effective at dislodging food stuck between teeth, a common cause of bad breath. They can also remove stains caused by coffee, tea, or soda.

Caring for your teeth properly will keep them healthy and looking great for years to come. An electronic toothbrush can provide excellent results when regularly used. You also need the services of a great dentist in San Antonio, TX, who can do regular cleaning, as well as perform oral surgery, preventive surgery, and gum disease treatment. If you want to find the right dentist to address these issues as well as provide cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign braces, look no further than Smiley Dental. Their experienced team is happy to help you pick a good electronic toothbrush and offer other personalized tips to help you care for your teeth.