Our practitioners pride themselves on offering the best possible Arlington orthodontics services available. Our dentists are committed to offering your family the best possible treatment and affordable service. New patients interested in our services should know that our services are available to patients of all ages, and orthodontists in Arlington advise that children have their initial orthodontic visit by the age of 7.

Early Intervention

When an Arlington orthodontics doctor provides an early evaluation, a diagnosis can be made quicker and children may begin their journey to achieving the best results possible from their treatments. Without early treatment, orthodontists in Arlington cannot guarantee that surgery or other serious complications will not be required to correct smiles in the future.

Signs That Early Orthodontic Care May Be Required:

  • Losing baby teeth early or late
  • Experiencing difficulty with biting and chewing
  • Excessive mouth breathing
  • Finger sucking or thumb sucking
  • Having crowded teeth, out of place teeth, or teeth that are blocked by others
  • Jaws that make sounds (such as clicking) or move
  • Accidentally biting the cheeks or tongue
  • Teeth that do not “line up” and meet others or have gaps
  • Jaw and teeth that seem “out of place” and not the correct size for the rest of the mouth

Arlington Orthodontics Treatment Options

When you come into our office, multiple treatment options will be available and the best orthodontists in Arlington will help you choose the one that is right for you. Some options include the following:

  • Clear Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Metal Braces (Traditional)

The Most Affordable Orthodontists in Arlington

  • Our office is committed to offering your family convenient options to be able to afford braces and dental care.
  • You can work with Arlington orthodontists ahead of time to verify use of dental insurance.
  • We are committed to keeping orthodontists in Arlington always ready to schedule free consultations for orthodontic work.
  • Payment plans may be arranged once the total cost of the work needed has been identified.
  • Our doctors are committed to correcting your crooked, misaligned teeth and can make this process easier by moving the process along quickly and reviewing all affordable options available to patients.

If you are worried about your child’s or your own smile, please let the Smiley Dental orthodontists in Arlington offer you a free consultation and review all treatment options if deemed necessary to give you the smile you have always wanted and correct any issues, such as pain with biting or misalignment you may be having.